How to Get Started ?

A detailed guide on how to install and connect to our servers

In order to enjoy a distinguished service without interruption, your Internet speed must not be less than 4 Mbps, some of our channels also work with an Internet speed of 2 Mbps.

It takes a few minutes to send and play the file, and a maximum of an hour after completing the payment process, to start watching and enjoying the service.

IPTV subscriptions can be played on smart screens of LG, Samsung and other brands like Philips and others through generic iptv drivers.

Among the most important IPTV subscription drivers on smart screens:

Laxy Player
Ibo Player
Smart IPTV
Bay TV
Gecko IPTV Player

And many other new applications that appear on a daily basis.

What is the way to add an IPTV subscription to the drivers on smart screens:

IPTV subscriptions can be added to the drivers on smart screens by uploading the m3u link of the IPTV subscription from within the application site.

اذ أننا عندما نقوم بفتح اي تطبيق تشغيل للاشتراكات على شاشات سمارت نجد معرف التطبيق ( ID البرنامج ) من خلال هذا المعرف يمكننا التوجه الى موقع التطبيق عبر الانترنت واضافة رابط قائمة التشغيل الخاصة بنا وتسمى  m3u link  أو Playlist link

There are many IPTV subscription drivers available on the computer, and the most important of these programs are:

windows iptv player
smarters iptv

IPTV subscribers on our website can also enjoy watching their IPTV subscription directly through the Internet browser without the need to download any subscription playback application on the computer.

Yes, provided that the subscription works on only one device at the same time of watching, in the case of running and watching on more than one device at the same time, it will not work. If you want to run the subscription on more than one device at the same time, you will need another subscription.
Certainly, you can operate the service in any country in the world because our service is an international service that does not depend on where you are or even your device. You can operate it wherever you are if you have the Internet.
We have multiple easy payment methods available through bank transfers inside Saudi Arabia or through electronic payment. Secure payment through the store with a mada card or a Visa and MasterCard credit card. We also provide payment via Western Union
Yes, you can try the service before subscribing to ensure the quality of the service and its suitability for your devices and the speed of your Internet connection.

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