Welcome to the official Platinum website

Welcome to the official Platinum website

Bills and Payments

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    What are the acceptable payment methods ?

    Currently, you can pay by credit card payment (online) with Visa, MasterCard, JCB and Amex card.

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    Is my payment safe ?

    Pay safely with your credit card without revealing your details. When paying online, your data is protected by VeriSign SSL encryption (the highest level of protection commercially available)

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    Can I pay with Paypal ?

    Yes, we accept Paypal and Western Union (offline). , And you can pay by contacting us.

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    Why was my payment declined or failed ?

    If your payment is declined or failed, you can change another credit card to pay again.
    Your second payment was rejected / failed again, please check it isn't due to the following situations:
    Using a VPN
    Please do not use a VPN when paying for an order.

    Card Security Code Failed
    Please note that incorrect card security code may cause payment to fail. The Card Security Code is the short numeric code on the back of your credit card. Please check that the correct security code is entered for the card and try again.

    insufficient fund
    If you meet the Insufficient Fund Errors Record when making a credit card payment, please ensure that there are sufficient funds in your account and that the payment for your order does not exceed your credit limit.

    Please also make sure to use a personal Visa or MasterCard credit card to finish the payment, because at the moment the debit or business card cannot be supported.

    Exceeded the limit

    Please ensure that the order amount does not exceed your credit card limit. Or it can not pay smoothly.

    3D Security Code Failed

    Please ensure that:

    1. Your credit card must be authorized by your credit card issuer to make the online payment by activating the 3D Security Code.

    2. Your credit card has activated a 3D security code. If you have not activated the 3D Security Code, please contact your card issuer regarding this issue.

    The 3D security code for Visa is called Verified by Visa (VBV) As for the Master Card it is called MasterCard Secure Code.

    Verification failed

    If your order is closed for security reasons, we will not deduct your payment. However, some banks may withhold this payment in this case. The bank usually holds the payment for up to 7 business days before returning it to the cardholder. If you have any concern about your payment, please refer to your credit card company for details

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    Transactions failed

    Transactions failed because the transaction was blocked by the payment server because it did not pass all the risk checks.

    This happens when 3D authentication is not enabled on the card. D-Secure is an additional layer of security provided by MasterCard (SecureCode) and VISA (Verified by VISA) which provides an additional layer of protection when paying the card over the Internet, and this has become necessary since credit card credentials can be stolen and used in a transaction that is not on the card. An additional level of protection necessitates some form of security code for each card, which must be provided before a successful transaction is completed.

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    How do you send my subscription information ?

    We'll deliver it via email. So make sure to use the correct email when ordering.

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    Do you protect my privacy ?

    We never disclose the personal information of our clients or supporters to third parties.


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